Timber Frame & Log Cabin Construction Specialist


Welcome to Smiths Enterprises

We are a Specialist Construction Enterprise that build and assemble Timber Frame and Log Cabins
Hello, my name is Graham, I have been involved in all areas of the Construction Industry for over 20 years.
I operate a specialist timber construction business as this has been a passion for me for over 10 years. 
I have experience and knowledge in suppling and fitting of alternative green energy and living devises such as Solar and Wind power.
I have been living off the "Grid" Mains supply for some years now and have tried and tested many alternative energy and living devises, so if you are looking to build in a remote area then I will offer my help.
I also fit and give advice on waste disposal and management and have built and fitted Septic tanks, Leech fields and Composting toilet systems.
I have a passion for what I do as its not just a job to me but a service that gives me great satisfaction.
I offer a Friendly, Honest and Reliable service and will travel anywhere in the UK no matter how remote the site to assemble or build off plan.
Please email me Graham at smithwillfixit@googlemail.com or phone me on 07891973416.

The start.

Finding the right building plot is the most difficult part of any building project.
Here are photos of two types of Timber Structures that I have built and assembled within the last 12 months.
This site had no power or water and poor access, but with time and skill these were overcome.
Living green and off the mains supply is a dream for most people and on this project, I made it come true.

Almost watertight.

Working with timber is very rewarding but rain water is our biggest problem so getting the structure water tight is our main priority.
With these type of wooden kit houses the roof can only go on after all the walls have been assembled.
The hand built timber frame houses can have a roof fitted much sooner in the build and makes storage and working conditions more pleasant.

The finished cabin.

This is the finished cabin with a small porch and wooden deck fitted to the front.

Timber frame with marine plywood

This building was hand crafted using pressure treated timber for the construction of the inner frame. 
All the cladding is Marine plywood that has been rendered and painted to give it extra weather protection .

Both styles together. 

Side view of both buildings together, showing pre cut log cabin and hand crafted timber frame building.
Both styles when painted in same colour compliment one another and are easy maintenance.